Frequently Asked Questions

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Additional Information

There is a wealth of online resources that discuss how these and other stones can impact your health. Our research, however, details their appearance, cultural history, geographic locations, and the formation processes. If you are interested in the more metaphysical side of any gemstone, we recommend doing any additional research you feel is appropriate.


Although beautiful and brightly colored, these stones are not edible or food-safe.
Please do not chew or bite the stones, and do not put them into or near your mouth.
This warning is not here to insult you.
It’s our legal responsibility to explain this hazard. And we hope that you can enjoy your Natural Stone Pieces in good health.


The stones we sell consist of two scientific categories, minerals and rocks.
A mineral is any solid with a consistent molecular structure.
When two or more minerals appear in a single piece it is classified as a rock.
“Stone” or “gemstone” is a general term that can be used for both.
The term “crystal” refers to minerals whose internal structure repeats on itself and becomes externally expressed due to geological processes.
Pretty interesting, right?

Piece Questions

The crystal market is a huge market, and it extends globally.
Our partners were chosen for their deep experience and expertise in this field.
The products on our site have been tailored by skilled craftsman using state-of-the-art technology.
We carefully research all of our collaborators, and we support their use of fair and ethical business practices.

No. Our pieces are made of stones that develop their colors through natural geological processes.

The threads are made of high-quality, strong elastic. They can stretch comfortably to fit a variety of wrist sizes. The colors were picked to match and augment the beauty of the stones.

The thread length is the same for all bead sizes.

Standard beads are cut to 8mm, with a medium thickness and weight.
The thin bands are cut to 4mm, so they feel light.
And big bands are cut to 12mm, for more pop.

Coming soon!
More bracelet styles and pendants are coming soon too.
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Returns / Refunds

We offer a standard 30-day refund policy.

For more information on the return process, review the documents on our refund policy page.

Unfortunately we can not accept returns on sale items.


Natural Stone Pieces is proud to share that all our deliveries are carbon neutral or carbon negative.
It’s part of how we chose to appreciate the awesomeness of nature.
We have partnered with Shopify Planet, through their highest level Millennium Plan.
We've also partnered with Change Commerce to maintain an environmentally-sustainable impact.

Certification badges for both can be found on our product pages and at checkout.
And, wherever possible we are looking to continue decreasing our impact on the planet.
Shipping and handling costs $6.48, and we offer free shipping for larger orders and sale events.
Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days from a partnered warehouse located in the northeast United States. They are delivered with First-Class or Priority shipping, based on order weight.