About Us

The Beginning

Call me Isaac. I’m a health-conscious, active, and intellectually curious NYC native.
I regularly hit the gym, keep up with news in the tech sphere, and enjoy dancing.
But before 2021, I had little experience with gemstone jewelry and gemstone collection.
That year I sustained a moderate workout injury, which required a period of rehabilitation.
I was seeking solutions to help my body heal and visited a local store, coincidentally named
Natural Foods Market, to learn more about my options.
During this visit, the staff nutritionist recommended a few interesting alternatives alongside a
set of helpful health foods and supplements.
Specifically, he mentioned sound frequency playlists, infra-red light devices, and gemstones.
I decided to try them for myself, and in the process fell into the world of unique and awe-
inspiring natural jewelry.

My Realizations

Did these gemstones help me recover from my injury? Did they soothe the related soreness?
Those were the effects that many gemstone sellers mentioned.
The stones were often described as having the potential to strengthen, heal, and energize.
I do believe in the mind-body connection, and in nature's power.
However, the impact I felt most was a stronger connection to the earth and the world around
My stone pieces helped me maintain a grounded, nature-focused mindset.
I also found that my
custom necklaces received lots of positive attention.
Gold, silver, and diamonds are reflective and magnifying. Wonderful in their own way.
However, my gemstone pieces were not only beautiful, but ethical, conversational, and
These experiences stuck with me.
And later, while researching e-commerce, it occurred to me that this was something I could
share with the world.
I firmly believe that stone jewelry is for everyone, no matter your beliefs.

Starting Off

I started bringing this idea to life very soon after that realization.
I knew that the first step in this venture would be research.

About the technology, the sources, potential business partners, and the gems themselves.
So I put in the work, and by my sister’s 30 th birthday my business plan was ready.
I was able to gather with my family, my biggest supporters, and finally share my idea.
Everyone was onboard, and offered to assist where they could.
My mother took on managing the phone line, calls and texts.
And my baby nephew sets the discounts, he has some interesting counting techniques.

More To Come

We are glad to continue our work, and bring you awesome accessories.

Natural Stone Pieces
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